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Balances -ohaus balances-pag413c-analytical-weighing-balance

  • Offering Competitive Performance at an Economical Price Point
    The Pharmacy model offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential pharmacy weighing
    and other pharmacy-related QA/QC applications at an economical price point.
  • RTC with GLP/GMP Data and Password Protection to Manage Data Integrity and Tracking
    Real-time clock (RTC) keeps accurate time even during power loss. GLP/GMP data capability
    records data for traceability and compliance. Password protection reduces risk of unauthorized
    setting changes.
  • Equipped with Four Weighing Modes and USB and RS232 Ports for Easy Communication
    The PXP features standard weighing modes and second line display to guide through
    compounding or formulation by showing additional prompts. USB and RS232
    allow for easy communication with PC/printer.




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