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* Humidity + Temperature + Dew point are combined * LCD with two display, easy readout.
into one meter, intelligent and professional. *Heavy duty & compact housing case, designed
* 0.1 %RH resolution for the humidity reading, for easy carry out & operation.
0.1 degree resolution for the Temp. reading. * Rec ords Maximum and Minimum readings with Recall.
* Pocket size with Separate humidity & temp. probe, * Auto shut off saves battery life.
easy operation. & remote measurement. * Data hold function for freezing the desired value
* Fast humidity measuring response time. on display.
* High accuracy and high precision. * Show the humidity & temperature values on the
* Dew point measurement. LCD display at same time.
* Just few panel buttons, easy operation. * Built-in low battery indicator.
* Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible * Wide humidity & temp. measuring range.
accuracy, provides special functions and features. * DC 9V power adapter input socket

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