* 5 ranges :
40.00/400.0/4,000/40,000/400,000 Lux.
* Resolution :
0.01 Lux to 100 Lux.
0.01 Ft-cd to 10 Ft-cd.
* Sensor used the exclusive photo diode
& color correction filter, spectrum
meet C.I.E. photopic.
* Sensor cosine correction factor
meet standard.
* Separate Light Sensor allows user
to measure the light at an optimum
* Lux & Foot-candle unit selection.
* Large LCD display with bar graph.
* Water resistance front panel
* Zero adjusting button.
* Data hold and Peak hold.
* Memory function with Recall. Auto
* Auto power off or manual power off.
* RS-232 computer data output.



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