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Balances -ohaus balances-mc-2000-a-reliable-scale-for-everyday-grain-testing

  • Easy-to-Use with Simple Touch Button Operation & User-Friendly Interface
    No sample preparation or grinding needed with MC2000’s whole grain analysis. To
    operate, simply select grain type on the interface, place sample (whole kernel) in the
    vessel and get results automatically.
  • Ideal for Routine Moisture Analysis with Fast & Reliable Results
    With results within 5 seconds, the MC2000 is geared for routine grain moisture analysis.
    The automatic temperature compensation system adjusts any external temperature
    influences, ensuring accuracy.
  • Versatile Use with Multiple Measurement Modes
    With 50 procedures in the library (10 pre-programmed), MC2000 is designed to measure
    moisture content in a wide variety of grains.


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